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Before Buying Y Type Strainer Read Below Question .....
Posted on June 21, 2013

If, you are going procutre a new Y Strainer for your proejcts and think for long life and easy maintenace of it, here we provide check list which will helpful to you to select a best quality y strainer. In a market cheapest and costly strainers are avaialbe but without of below point cover your strainer is meaningless to install and not perfrom well as it should. When you are going to fit strainer in line thinking somany advantages of it like extend life of pump, remove foreign particle surely, increase quality production with minimum shutdown, easy cleaning of strainer filter element, less cleaning of filter etc, but if you fail to choose proper product then zero advantage. 

1. What is Filtration Area across the Line for quoted strainer?
2. Any calculation available for Filtration Area surity?
3. What is Pressure Drop - Delta P for quoted strai
4. Design standard of Y Type Strainer?
5. Arrangement of Drain?
6. Online Filter Cleaning Provision?
. Is there provision to mount Differential Pressure Gauge?
8. Bolted Cover design to easy open cover?
9. How reliable Casting Quality of Y Strainer Body?


Magnetic Y Type Strainer - New Edition
Posted on March 23, 2013

Why Magnetic Type Strainer? 
What is advantage of Magentic Y Strainer?

Investment Casting rugged body construction bolted cover Magentic Type Strainer design have main advantage is to stop Iron (Mild Steel or Carbon Steel Metal) particle in line at strainer element. By the use of fine mesh can also stop any other sand, dust, mud or metal particle. Inside the strainer body have provision to fix a HIGH FREQUENCY MAGENT which help to stop iron particle. Mostly magenetic type strainer used is Stainless body version a grade of ASTM A 351 GR. CF8 (Stainless Steel 304),  ASTM A 351 GR. CF8M (Stainless Steel 316), special grade also available on request.

Magnetic Type Y Strainer Manufacturer Exporter India

Application of Magentic Type Y Strainer :

  • Food Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Plant

  • Beverages Process Pipe Line

  • Pump Suction Line

  • Sugar Industries

  • Poultry Farm

  • Drinking Water Line

Type of Magnetic Strainer :

  • Y Type Magnetic Strainer

  • Simplex Type Magnetic Basket Strainer

  • Duplex Type Magnetic Basket Strainer

  • Steam Jacketed Magnetic Strainer

Type of Magnetic Strainer End Connection:

  • Flanged end to ANSI B 16.5 Class 150 / 300 / 600

  • Threaed End / Screwed End - BSP or NPT Female

  • Socket Weld End

  • Butt Weld End


Valve Selection Guide

Posted on March 10, 2013

How to Select Valve for best performance in a pipe line?
If, you are searching for the selection of best valve to suit your process pipe line and flow media. We provided here our level best solution to select proper valve to match with your application.
Valve Selection Guideline Table Chart
Application Types of Valves
Ball Butterfly Gate  Globe Plug Swing Check
  Contimation Free G F G G G P
  Corrosive Fluids G P F - G F P - G P
  Cryogenic Fluids G P P G P P
  Gases G G G G G G
  High Flow G G G G G G
  High Pressure Drop P P F - G G F P
  High Pressure G P P G P P
  High Temperature F - G  F - G G G F - G G
  Leak Tight G F G G F P
  Light Weight G G F - G P G G
  Liquids G G G G G G
  Low Pressure Drop G G G P G G
  Low Cost F - G G F - G F G G
  Low Flow Control G G P G G G
  Physical Size G G P P G G
  Rapid Opening G G P F - P G G
  Seat Erosion Reistance F P P G F P
  Slurries F - G F - P P P F - G P
  Steam Service G P P - F G P P
  Throttling P F - P P G P P
  Vibration Free F P P G G P
P POOR  Not Recommended
F FAIR  Better Choices Available
G GOOD  Recommended For Use In Normal Condition

      *** CONTACT Factory with your detail application for best option.

Purpose of Jacketed Valve
Posted on February 25, 2013

Main purpose for using of Jacketed Valve is to maintain continuous free flow of pipe line in liquid or flowable mode by the help of Jacket surrouing valve body. Wherever in industries material solidify at normal temperature like Sulfur, Asphalt, Coaltar, Bitumen, Visous media etc, their mostly pipe line, valves & pumps modify by Steam or Hot Oil Jacket.

Mostly all Jacketed valve flanges are one size higher due to proper easy bolting clearance at flange. Same size as line of flange valve also can do manufacturing but in that case jacket will be half / partial type.

Types of Valve Jacket :

  • Steam Jacket

  • Hot Oil or Thermic Fluid High Temperature Oil Jacket

  • Hot Water Jacket

Types of Valve Jacket Material :

  • ASTM A 516 GR. 60 / 70 (Carbon Steel)

  • Stainless Steel 304

  • Stainless Steel 316

  • Stainless Steel 304L

  • Stainless Steel 316L

Types of Jacket Design :

  • Fabrciated (Welded) with Valve Body

  • Integral Casted with Valve Body

Application of Jacketed Valve :

  • Wax Plant

  • Sulfur Manufacturing Industries

  • Lactum

  • Bitumen Plant

  • Asphalt Process Line

  • Coaltar

  • Viscous Media

Types of Jacketed Valve Seat Materials :

  • PTFE (Virgin Teflon) - Temperature maximium up to 200 Deg. C.

  • GFT (Glass Filled Teflon) - Temperature maximium up to 230 Deg. C.

  • CFT (Carbon Filled Teflon) - Temperature maximium up to 250 Deg. C.

  • Stainless Steel 304/316/304L/316L (Metal Seat Ring) - Above 250 Deg. C. 

  • Stelited Hard Face Seat Ring - Above 350 Deg. C.

Types of Jacketed Valve :


Valve Pressure Testing Table
Posted on February 5, 2013

Pressure Testing of Valve at what pressure? Answer is in below Table .....
Pressure Rating PSIG / Kg./Cm2
Hydruaulic Pneumatic
Body Seat Back Seat* Seat
150# 425 / 31 300 / 22 300 / 22 80 / 5.6
300# 1100 / 78 800 / 57 800 / 57 80 / 5.6
400# 1450 / 103 1060 / 75 1060 / 75 80 / 5.6
600# 2175 / 154 1600 / 113 1600 / 113 80 / 5.6
800# 3000 / 212 2000 / 142 2000 / 142 80 / 5.6
900# 3250 / 229 2400 / 170 2400 / 170 80 / 5.6
1500# 5400 / 380 4000 / 282 4000 / 282 80 / 5.6
2500# 9000 / 634 6600 / 465 6600 / 465 80 / 5.6

      *** Back Seat Test is applicable for Gate Valve & Globe Valve Only.


ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad Ball Valve Advantage
Posted on January 1, 2013

Direct mounting pad ball valve allows pneumatic, electrical, motorized actuator or quarter turn worm - gear box can be bolt easily directly on the mounting pad (as per ISO 5211 standard) of the valve body. By the ISO Direct mounting pad design any time easily to switch over by manual operation to automation by pneumatic or electrical without requirement of any extra parts.

No requirement of any extra mounting brackets, couplers or distance piece to joint connectors between valve stem and actuator/gear box are required. The bottom of the actuator or gear box is rest on the ISO 5211 mounting pad flange of the valve body. 

No extra moving parts in this design which benefit is no chance to twist of any parts after a long operation of valve. Due to absence of bracket, adapter and coupler no chance of any corrosion.  Direct mounting pad design ball valve avoid a number of problems and extend a operation life of valve.

Simply Engineering advantages of ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad Ball Valve

Standard Features & Quality Product

  • Fire Safe Design, Blowout Proof Stem with Antistatic Device suitable in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Hydrocarbon Sector.

  • No joint between valve, actuator, stem and coupler. Less moving parts. Contact in between only Valve & Actuator.

  • Available with Standard Body & Trims Material option - ASTM A 216 GR. WCB / A 351 GR. CF8 / A 351 GR. CF8M / A 351 GR. CF3 / A 351 GR. CF3M / A 351 GR. CN 7M / A 352 GR. LCB / A 352 GR. LCC

  • ISO 5211 International Stanard allows to easy match with Gear Box and Actuators

  • Heavy strenth of actuator and valve joint due to no bracket and joints. 

  • Gland Design in a valve to avoid easily lekage from valve stem. By the help to two bolt tightening in a short time leakge problem solve.

  • Mostly ISO 5211 Direct mounting pad Ball Valve supply with V - Ring set PTFE Packing, which allows very less tighten of gland bolt.

  • Smoth Operation, Easy Long Life and Trouble free operation

  • Valve Handle Locking Device Feature

  •  Best compact package of Valve + Actuator, required less operation area and less load on pipe line.

  • Easy to uderstand of assembly valve and actuator and also advantage to reduce torque of ball valve.

  • Valve Design Option : Single Piece Design Reduce Bore, Two Piece Design Full Bore & Three Piece Design Full Bore Ball Valve

  • Design Standard : BS 5351, BS EN ISO 17292, API 6D

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